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Kalon Studios, Los Angeles

Kalon Port.jpg

Promoting a big decision Product, Online. 

Kalon Studios produces high-end Scandinavian contemporary furniture. Kalon improved their operations and manufacturing abilities to a new level after feeling the pain of having too many sales and not enough product. Truthfully, they did the hard part. Working out manufacturing woes is no easy task.

The next step? Grow the brand and nurture customers that have a big decision to make.

Our mission was to focus on eCommerce sales. We needed to get the digital marketing engine built and running for Kalon as soon as possible.

Echo Toddler Bed funny face - 1080 .png

The leg Work

We started tracking their website visitors behavior on social media and search engines. While creating audiences to retarget to, we also built campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Ads, and Bing Ads to harness new customers.

We learned a great deal about who was the most interested in their product and the journey that their customers took from discovery to conversion.

With the who and how figured out, we were off and running.

Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, Kalon

The Campaign

Together with Kalon, we built it all! Each month we not only worked together to build stunning and winning ads to attract new customers and communicate with our closest customers.

Content Strategy and Calendar

Retargeting & Retention Campaigns

New Customer Outreach: Facebook Pinterest Instagram Google & Bing


A major Success

Kalon now has a winning digital marketing strategy that is helping them grow their online sales 5+% month-over-month. Not only are sales up but thanks to the digital marketing funnel we've built Kalon is marketing to their potential customers in a more capable and data driven way.

That means all of their efforts to grow the brand are being made with more confidence (both online and offline). Maybe even more importantly, we helped Kalon understand how to increase their digital marketing spend.


Lost Format, Chicago

lost format port 2.jpg

Launching Brand Concepts 0-to-6o

Lost Format promotes a business approach in which giving back is as easy as it is fun. A company with a 1-for-1 give back that provides necessities to the homeless community with every sale they accomplish. 

Our goal was to help Chad and Ernie surface and actualize the brand concepts by building a logo and the initial clothing designs.


Echo Toddler Bed funny face - 1080 .png

Setting the tone

Lost Formats 1-for-1 give back model was a great starting place. We helped them build patterns for their first shirts, socks, hats, and gloves. 

Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, Kalon

Giving Back in Style

We came to a final 3 logo potentials. The final logo design you see above. 

We also built patterns for socks, hats, and shirts that will accompany their kickstarter launch!

Custom Services

Atelier Gigi Fine Jewelry, San Francisco


Too often, incredibly talented designers, makers, and service providers are so focused on their projects that they forget to focus on their brand.

Atelier Gigi, a renowned custom jeweler based in San Francisco, needed an online presence that properly represented the sophistication of her product and services.

Refining the voice and building an online identity for Atelier Gigi brought her brand to life in front of customers who have a pretty big decision to make, and often, a limited time to make it. 


With a new website comes a unique opportunity to grow the reach of your business by optimizing for search traffic. We designed this new website, and brand, to attract and capture new customers. But it needed something more. A sales funnel. 

A well designed acquisition funnel is the first step in creating effective marketing campaigns.

SEO, online marketing, and public relations will proveineffective if your landing page does not encourage action.

We built a new website and an upgraded brand that is able to handle the exponential growth potential of Atelier Gigi. 

Custom Services

Wasabimoto, Chicago



Wasabimoto is a vintage motorcycle restoration company in its concept phase. Based in Chicago, the founders needed someone to help them build the logo and brand imagery for both their online presence, local advertising, and physical collateral (t-shirts, stickers, etc). A major requirement for the logo and imagery was that it needed to have seamless application into the interior design of their physical locations; their warehouse, office and restoration shop. 



The overlay imagery is an artistic rendition of a prize bike owned and built by the founders of Wasabimoto. Because this motorcycle was the inspiration for launching their company it was decided that the bike, a staple of the brand, should be used in all imagery for print, web, and additional collateral.



The Wasabimoto logo needed to represent the cool, sleek, and simple design of the motorcycles they would be building. In our research and efforts to construct a logo that was both thematic and balanced, we noticed that the rear coil over shocks of the motorcycle twisted into both W’s and M’s when positioned in a 2 dimensional view. We designed the logo to link horizontally and italicized the logotype to mimic the angle of the coil over shock. 


Elements, NYC


BangOn-NYC.com needed a colorful and creative poster and logo for their upcoming music festival. This branding needed to maintain a consistent pop for both print and web advertisements. The coordinators wanted a handwritten logotype over background imagery that represented the festival's location, a strip of land alongside the Hudson River in an abandoned industrial park just outside Brooklyn. 



As the sun sets and daylight fades around the tall concrete structures, the orange and reds from the rusty industrial park flow over the river’s waters onto the backdrop of the city just a few short miles away. 



Starting with the theme of a handwritten look, the final logotype pulled inspiration from the surrounding hills and the abundance of jagged concrete and steel along the river. 

Requiem Events, Sacramento

Requiem Events is an event company based in Sacramento that hosts both major artists and local acts in Sacramento’s growing nightlife industry. Our retainer marketing services are responsible for Requiem’s branding, advertising and print work. Each event has a different headlining artist and requires that the design campaign be completely original and able to represent both brands; that of the artist and that of Requiem Events.



Requiem’s first foray into live music, represented here by analog instruments being hoisted up by a growing cottonwood tree, cleverly shows Requiem’s ongoing growth as a brand as well as showcasing a taste of Sacramento, City of Trees.

Alvin Risk

We incorporated Alvin’s telltale sweater and glasses into this design, making him instantly recognizable while still maintaining the abstract aesthetics of Requiem’s brand.



Requiem wanted to take a humorous “old as dinosaurs” approach to their two year anniversary celebration. To achieve this we used a T-rex skull fossil and embellished it -- adding smooth linework grooves and just a touch of pizza.

Avant-Garde, Sacramento



Avant-Garde, a Northern Californian progressive ambient rock band, needed an album cover for their new album “Fire Walk With Me”, which drew heavy inspiration from David Lynch’s early 90’s cult classic television series “Twin Peaks”. The band members wanted an elaborate tree that gave a clear nod to Lynch’s creation. 



True to the band’s request, the cover tips its hat to several of the themes present in Lynch’s classic work. We incorporated the shining tree into the fire walk, added looming subtle peaks in the background, and shrouded the sides with the show’s iconic red curtains.